BistroMD Review

One of the smaller diet food delivery companies that provide ready made low calorie meals for dieters with little time for more conventional diets is BistroMD.

They may not be in the same league as Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, but what they lack in a huge customer base they more than make up for in the quality of the meals that they provide.

This article will take a look at this meal replacement weight loss diet program and its several benefits over the bigger companies as well as any shortcomings.

bistromd reviewsAfter researching several of the better written and informative BistroMD reviews it will be pretty clear to anyone that is interested in taking on a diet of this nature that the company base their success on the superior quality of their meals.

This is no idle boast, but a fact.

Bistro MD does not send out any freeze dried packet foods, nor do they send any processed "ready meals" as do some of the larger diet companies.

All their meals are freshly prepared and made by their own gourmet chefs to order. Then those meals are frozen and shipped right away to the customer in batches of no more than seven days supply of food.

The package contains three meals per day and you can choose to order additional low calorie snacks to eat between meals, or not as you prefer.

BistroMD Menu

The diet meals are not grouped into any categories as with Nutrisystem, but are all available for customization by the individual and only those meals that are ordered are sent out.

This is a real advantage over the likes of Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and others who will send out alternative meals if the ones you specifically ordered are not available.

This does not happen with Bistro MD because the meals are prepared to order and do not come from a central repository of ready packaged meals.

So the Bistro MD customer literally reads down the extensive list of available meals and chooses which they want according to their own personal requirements. They place their order and those meals are then prepared by the company chefs, frozen and shipped out right away.

There is no storage of a large cache of meals by this company. Everything is made fresh and shipped out to the customer straight away.

Great Choice

The beauty of this way of working is that of you are a vegetarian, you can choose from the menu those meals that suit you as they are clearly marked and the choice is really very extensive. Similarly, if you have gluten intolerance, then there are plenty of gluten free meals that are available so you do not end up eating the same things all the time.

Variety and convenient dieting is what makes any diet much more easy to stick to. That's because the dieter does not get bored and go looking for something more interesting to eat, thus breaking their diet.

BistroMD Cost

The cost is probably the only down side to this program. Because the customer is getting the best quality meals, it stands to reason that because quality does not come cheap, the prices will be higher than their main rivals.

But even so, the cost is not really expensive, with their diet plans starting at under $150 for a week. It is money well spent because all the meals are enjoyable and tasty.

If you read a lot of the complaints coming from their rivals, you will realize that many unhappy customers found many of the low quality, processed meals unpalatable and so ended up paying for a lot of food they hated eating. What is the point in that?

The idea of going on a diet may be to lose weight, but if you are going to pay for it, you might as well pay a little extra and get food that you can eat and enjoy!

BistroMD provides that food and their customers will confirm that it was worth the small extra expense to really enjoy their diet while they lost weight easily and without feeling the need to eat anything else.

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