Why Should Men Use Zinc When Trying To Lose Weight

One of the less well known tricks of expediting weight loss in a man is increasing zinc intake in the diet or as supplementation.

This helps to avoid a deficiency in that mineral which could actually retard the fat reduction process.

Men have quite a different hormonal profile from women and this makes it possible for a man to have less fat mass and more muscle mass than a woman when the balance of those hormones is correct. Basically a highly trained athlete woman has difficulties to get and maintain a similar body composition as a man is able to get with minimal effort.

The reasons for this can be uncovered when looking at the two main sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Men have high testosterone and low estrogen, whereas women have the opposite levels of these hormones. Excess estrogen levels can cause insulin resistance, which which if left unchecked can make anyone gain weight and excess fat.

The Problems of High Estrogen Levels in Men

zinc for mens weight lossAdd to that the fact that it also is known to be a fat gathering hormone, it naturally follows that when you have high estrogen levels you automatically have a tendency to carry a higher amount of body fat.

Also adipose tissue has been shown to be an active organ producing different forms of estrogen even in men. The problem is that these hormones usually can't exist when the other one is around, and when it comes to fat men, they have low testosterone and high estrogen. This is where zinc comes into the picture.

For men to have an optimal hormonal balance, they need enough zinc which is both used for testosterone production, and the prevention of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in a process called aromatization. There are many good diets for men as well as weight loss pills that work that are available, but often the problem can be much more simple as a deficiency of zinc which can easily be corrected with cheap supplementation with the mineral.

Mineral Deficiency

There are times though where this is not enough as a deficiency in zinc will cause a reduction in the production of stomach acid, which will result in a lower absorption rate of this mineral.

This is a downward spiral and it will cause your body to deplete zinc stores.

So it is possible that you need to use convenient diet supplements which help with digestion as well to get the results that you are after. Unfortunately absorption isn't the only problem with mineral supplements, but there is the case of heavy metals that comes into play.

There are specific sites where zinc would be used, but there are other minerals which can occupy the place, but not produce the wanted result. These minerals are usually various heavy metals which can't be removed from the body very easily.

If such is the case, to get weight loss results from using a zinc supplement, one should consult a functional medicine doctor to find out whether they have this problem and they can use different therapies to fix it with the physician. Since our planet is becoming more and more polluted, we are at an elevated risk of having a problem like this and it is important to fix something like this before you expect great weight loss results.

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