Counting the Nutrisystem Cost

Can you afford not to start a diet with Nutrisystem and lose that excess weight you've been promising yourself for all that time? Find out the cost and why success can be yours for a lot less than you may have thought.

After reading a lot of stuff about how great this dieting solution seems to be and then making the decision that you will choose one of their diet plans to help you to lose weight, the final hurdle between you and your imminent weight loss diet is the cost of Nutrisystem.

It's quite natural to be concerned that you will be about to consign a hefty amount of money to your credit card and you probably need some reassurance that you are spending this money wisely.

nutrisystem costMost of the better Nutrisystem reviews will give you all the information about the diet itself to help you arrive at your decision to sign up with them and some even go so far as to give you some idea of what the total costs will be.

But how many of them actually justify the costs and present them to you in a way that gives you the confidence to go ahead and put virtual pen to virtual paper on the official Nutrisystem website? Well, that's where this article comes in.

Calculating the Cost

The first thing you are presented with when you are about to enter your credit card details is the overall cost of what your first month's worth of diet meals comes to.

That figure varies from time to time depending on the particular special deal the company is running with, so it would be foolish to print a hard and fast figure here.

After all, you can get that straight from the official website at the time you decide to sign up and it will be what you will pay on the day. The figure will be a few hundred dollars give or take some, but that is only the starting figure in the calculations you must make to arrive at the true cost of going on this diet for a month.

What you have to bear in mind here is that this diet provides all the food that will need to eat for a whole four weeks. You can choose to go buy the extras they recommend if you want.

But it is only a recommendation, not an obligation. You can easily do without them, so let's assume you are going to do that and go from there.

What Do You Spend On Food?

You need to sit down and go through your weekly shopping bill and see exactly what you spend on food for yourself for the week. Make sure you include everything that you eat, including snacks, candy bars and all the stuff that got you overweight in the first place! Then multiply that figure by four to get a monthly figure.

Take that figure and compare it with what you are about to pay for a four week shipment of Nutrisystem food. I'm pretty sure you are going to get a nice surprise.

Most people actually spend more on their regular food over a month than what the price of a month shipment of the Nutrisystem diet that works comes to, so in actual fact, they get a net saving by signing up with the diet company to lose weight. Even if you are pretty frugal in your spending on food, what you do spend added up over four weeks will still come to a pretty substantial amount and will be comparable to what you are about to spend on your diet.

So for practically nothing, or even a net saving, you get to place yourself on America's No.1 diet food delivery program and you are going to lose weight by doing so! Now that is a cost worth spending, is it not?

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